Spice Dunes

Allergen Information

Our staff need to be informed of your allergy every time you dine with us even if you have eaten the dish before so that every precaution can be taken in our kitchen to prevent cross contamination. This can be done via the order notes when placing the order. This guide is for informational purposes only, we cannot guarantee it may be correct.

If the product says "Allergies: None known", please check with a member of staff before ordering.

If you have any questions, please ring us. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.


V PapadomAllergies: Please Ask
V Spicy PapadomAllergies: Please Ask
V Mango ChutneyAllergies: Please Ask
V Mint SauceAllergies: Please Ask
V Lime PickleAllergies: Please Ask
V Onion ChutneyAllergies: Please Ask
All ChutneysAllergies: Please Ask


Onion Bhaji
World famous snack of spicy onions, fried golden brown in gram flour
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Tikka (St)
Marinated in spices and grilled in tandoori oven resulting in succulent tikka kebab
Allergies: Please Ask
Sheek Kebab (St)
Spice minced lamb kebab grilled on skewwers
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Chat (St)
Finely diced chicken pieces cooked fresh tomato and cucumber flavoured with chat masala
Allergies: Please Ask
Prawn Puree (St)
Spicy prawns cooked to a thick sauce served with puree bread
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Pakura (St)
Chicken Tikka pieces immersed in flour batter & fried crisp
Allergies: Please Ask
Mix Tikka (St)
Mixed selection of Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab & Somosa
Allergies: Please Ask
Triangular shaped pastry filled with minced lamb or vegetable
Allergies: Please Ask
Tandoori King Prawns (St)
Succulent king prawns marinated in spices then flame grilled in the tandoori oven
Allergies: Please Ask
Platter for 2
An assortment of bite sized pieces of onion bhaji, sheek kebab and chicken tikka served in a mixed sharing platter
Allergies: Please Ask

Classic Curry

The all time favourite dish invented by a world famous but unknown British curry chef in the early 70s. We present our own recipe delicately balanced with mild spices and coconut.
Allergies: Please Ask
A delicate preparation of ground coconut and almond ?nished in a sweet creamy sauce
Allergies: Please Ask
A delicate dish cooked with ground almonds and coconut in a mild aroumatic sauce.
Allergies: Please Ask
Medium spice dish thoroughly garnished with onions and medium spices producing a curry full of ?avour
Allergies: Please Ask
“Dupiaza” meaning double onions is a dish cooked with plenty of freshly seasoned onions with medium ground mixed spices.
Allergies: Please Ask
Rogon Josh
Traditional favourite medium spicy dish garnished with fresh tomatoes.
Allergies: Please Ask
Medium spicy dish cooked with special Balti spices, currenlty the craze of the midlands, commonly eaten with nan bread.
Allergies: Please Ask
Specially prepared dish delicatley spices and cooked with spinach
Allergies: Please Ask
Eastern Garlic
Medium spicy dish cooked with fresh and pickled garlic resluting in a full aromatic ?avour
Allergies: Please Ask
A dish of persian origin, cooked with lentils and balanced in a hot sweet and sour ?avour
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with zesty tomatoes and ?nished in a hot sweet and sour sauce.
Allergies: Please Ask
Classic Jalfrezi recipe of peppers, onions and green chilies mixed with masala spices
Allergies: Please Ask
Famous South Indian dish cooked in a rich and hot ?avour
Allergies: Please Ask
Widley known for its ?ery hot taste cooked with ground red chillies
Allergies: Please Ask
CurryAllergies: Please Ask

House Specials

Chicken Pilli Pilli
Classic recipe of shaslik grilled chicken, onion and peppers cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce
Allergies: Please Ask
Goan Chicken
Strips of boneless chicken cooked in garlic, ginger and coriander sauce with a pinch of red chillies
Allergies: Please Ask
Garlic Goshthe
Slow cooked lamb infused with garlic, garam masala and ground almond in a thick creamy sauce
Allergies: Please Ask
Chile Chicken Masala
Strips of chicken tikka cooked with freshly chopped green chilies & coriander in a mouth watering chille sauce
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Nagpuri
Chicken Tikka in a fairly hot dish from east bengal, cooked with tomato, garlic and pickled Naga Chilles
Allergies: Please Ask
Nahari Lamb
Medium spiced dish slow cooked with lamb and infused with ginger and coriander.
Allergies: Please Ask
Paneer Mircchi
Spicy paneer cooked with potatoes and onions in a medium spicy sauce with green chiles and ground coriander.
Allergies: Please Ask
Butter Chicken
Boneless chicken cooked in a mild sauce with with very subtle spices and rich creamy butter
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Karahi
Tradionally cooked in an iron wok smeared with chopped peppers and onions in a blend of unique spices made specially for the Karahi dish
Allergies: Please Ask
Jall Chicken Tikka Masala
The classic tikka masala recipe cooked with ground black pepper and a hint of red chille to make all time favourite in this spicy version.
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Chile Kufta
Slender pieces of chicken tikka and meat balls cooked with fresh green chillies in a spicy hot sauce ?nished with a hint of coriander
Allergies: Please Ask
Kara Mirch Chicken
Stocked chicken and diced green bhindi (okra) cooked with a mixture of ground spices and chilli pickle.
Allergies: Please Ask
Lamb Lasani
Slow cooked lamb finely sliced cooked with caramelised onions and potatoes finished with a slice of green chilli.
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Shatkorai
Shatkora is a famous citrus fruit used to add flavour to curries, with added coriander giving a fresh zesty taste.
Allergies: Please Ask
Chile Chicken Roshni
Strips of chicken tikka cooked with green peppers and onions in a hot sweet flavour with added spice mix for extra flavour.
Allergies: Please Ask
Tikka Raaz
Diced chicken and lamb tikka stewed with green chilli, coriander and a touch of yogurt finished in a delicate yet spicy flavour.
Allergies: Please Ask

Biriyani Dishes

Biryani dishes are stir fried rice dishes, served with a vegetable curry sauce

Chicken BirianyAllergies: Please Ask
Chicken TIkka BirianyAllergies: Please Ask
Prawn BirianyAllergies: Please Ask
King Prawn BirianyAllergies: Please Ask
House Special Mixed BirianyAllergies: Please Ask
Tahari Lamb BiriyaniAllergies: Please Ask
Veg BirianyAllergies: Please Ask
Lamb Biryani Allergies: Please Ask


Veg Curry (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Bombay Aloo (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Mushroom Bhaji (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Cauliflower Bhaji (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Saag Bhaji (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Saag Aloo (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Saag Paneer (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Bindi Bhaji (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Tarka Dall (S)Allergies: Please Ask
Kurma SauceAllergies: Please Ask
Masala SauceAllergies: Please Ask
Curry SauceAllergies: Please Ask
Madras SauceAllergies: Please Ask
Chana moss (s)Allergies: Please Ask
Jeera Aloo MirchiAllergies: Please Ask

Rice & Breads

RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Pilau RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Egg RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Special RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Mushroom RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Garlic RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Keema RiceAllergies: Please Ask
NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Garlic NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Peswari Naan
Filled with sweet coconut & sultana’s
Allergies: Please Ask
Keema Naan
Filled with minced lamb
Allergies: Please Ask
Cheese NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Simple thin flat bread
Allergies: Please Ask
ChipsAllergies: Please Ask
Garlic & Cheese NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Chilli NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Sesame NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Cajun ChipsAllergies: Please Ask


NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Garlic NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Peswari NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Keema NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Cheese NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Sesame NaanAllergies: Please Ask
Garlic & Cheese Naan Allergies: Please Ask
Chilli NaanAllergies: Please Ask
ChapatiAllergies: Please Ask

Tandoori Grilled Dishes

Tandoori dishes are not curries, all these dishes are marinated with selected spices and cooked in the tandoori oven, served with salad mint sauce

Chicken TIkka Classic (M)
Classic grilled chicken breast pieces marinated in tikka spices served with salad & yogurt dressing.
Allergies: Please Ask
Sheek Kebab (M)
Minced lamb with mild spices grilled on a skewer, served with salad and yogurt dressing.
Allergies: Please Ask
Tandoori King Prawns (M)
3 x U5 size king prawns marinated with garlic & coriander, grilled in tandoori oven, served with salad & yogurt dressing.
Allergies: Please Ask
Salmon Tikka (M)
Grilled salmon marinated with garlic and coriander, served with salad and yogurt dressing.
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Shaslik
Grilled chicken tikka with flavoured peppers and onions charred in tandoori oven, served with salad and yogurt dressing.
Allergies: Please Ask
Paneer Shaslik
Indian cheese (paneer) grilled with flavoured peppers & onions in tandoori, served with salad and yogurt dressing.
Allergies: Please Ask
King Prawn Shaslik
U5 king prawns grilled with flavoured peppers & onions in tandoori oven, served with salad and yogurt dressing.
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Tikka Goan (M)
Classic chicken tikka recipe with added Goan flavour of coriander and chilli
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Tikka Garam Masala (M)
Classic chicken tikka recipe with added spicy garam masala flavour
Allergies: Please Ask
Chicken Tikka Sweet Chilli
Classic chicken tikka recipe with added sweet chilli flavour
Allergies: Please Ask
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Mixed grilled consisting of all tandoori classics - Chicken & Lamb Tikka, sheek kebab & tandoori chicken.
Allergies: Please Ask

Tuesday Special

Dine in at takeaway prices, enjoy an evening out with our tuesday special

Tuesday SpecialAllergies: Please Ask
Dune Ka MasalaAllergies: Please Ask
Tan Mix GrillAllergies: Please Ask
Aloo GobiAllergies: Please Ask
Chicken ModhuAllergies: Please Ask
Mutton Roshni (ST)Allergies: Please Ask
Salmon Palak (ST)Allergies: Please Ask
Veg RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Mutton LasaniAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 Ch Tk PassandaAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 Ch KurmaAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 Ch MadrasAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 Chicken Tk MadrasAllergies: Please Ask
Onion RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Chicken tikka CylonAllergies: Please Ask
Coconut RiceAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 chi Tk mossAllergies: Please Ask
Piyazi ChickenAllergies: Please Ask
Cobra Bottle LargeAllergies: Please Ask
Chutney's (PP)Allergies: Please Ask

Takeaway Drinks

Coke 330mlAllergies: Please Ask
Diet Coke 330mlAllergies: Please Ask
Lemonade 330mlAllergies: Please Ask
AppletiserAllergies: Please Ask

Coffee & Dessert

Sansation for kids, luxury vanilla ice cream, in a free plastic toy
Allergies: Please Ask
Whipped milk & caramel ice cream, chunks of toffee sauce and chocolate toffee bits
Allergies: Please Ask
Orange DelightAllergies: Please Ask
Coffee Allergies: Please Ask
Decaf Coffee Allergies: Please Ask
TeaAllergies: Please Ask
Spiced TeaAllergies: Please Ask
Floater CoffeeAllergies: Please Ask
Liqueur CoffeeAllergies: Please Ask
Ferrero RocherAllergies: Please Ask
Malteaser CheesecakeAllergies: Please Ask
Hazelnut CrunchAllergies: Please Ask
Strawberry DreamAllergies: Please Ask


Bottle Sauvignon BlancAllergies: Please Ask
Bottle Chardonnay Allergies: Please Ask
Bottle Pinot Grigio Allergies: Please Ask
Bottle Shiraz (Red)Allergies: Please Ask
Bottle Merlot (Red)Allergies: Please Ask
Bottle Rioja (Red)Allergies: Please Ask
White CDM BottleAllergies: Please Ask
Red CDM BottleAllergies: Please Ask
Rose Pinot BottleAllergies: Please Ask
White Glass MediumAllergies: Please Ask
White Glass LargeAllergies: Please Ask
Red Glass MediumAllergies: Please Ask
Rose Glass MediumAllergies: Please Ask
Red Glass LargeAllergies: Please Ask
Rose Glass LargeAllergies: Please Ask

Beers & Cider

Pint KingfisherAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 KingfisherAllergies: Please Ask
Bottle Cobra 660mlAllergies: Please Ask
Bottle Tiger 660mlAllergies: Please Ask
Bottle Zero Alcohol LagerAllergies: Please Ask
Thatchers GoldAllergies: Please Ask
Pear CiderAllergies: Please Ask
Cobra Bottle 330ml Allergies: Please Ask
BrandyAllergies: Please Ask
VodkaAllergies: Please Ask
BacardiAllergies: Please Ask
GinAllergies: Please Ask
WhiskeyAllergies: Please Ask
SpiritAllergies: Please Ask

Soft Drinks

1/2 CokeAllergies: Please Ask
Pint CokeAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 Diet CokeAllergies: Please Ask
Pint Diet CokeAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 LemonadeAllergies: Please Ask
Pint LemonadeAllergies: Please Ask
1/2 Diet LemonadeAllergies: Please Ask
Pint Diet LemonadeAllergies: Please Ask
SodaAllergies: Please Ask
Tonic waterAllergies: Please Ask
Slimline TonicAllergies: Please Ask
Appletiser Allergies: Please Ask
Ginger AleAllergies: Please Ask
Still Water 330mlAllergies: Please Ask
Sparkling Water 330mlAllergies: Please Ask
Orange Juice Allergies: Please Ask
Apple Juice Allergies: Please Ask
Mango JuiceAllergies: Please Ask
J2OAllergies: Please Ask